Good vibes only

Over the last 9 years I've been engaging in social media. Yes. 9 years. It's as though we all jumped from the stone age to the public eye around 2006 or so. The first few years I spent puddling around. Offering too much of myself online. I think we have all done it. That thought of sharing for validation only to end up unpopular on an online forum where your indignances become your embarrassment. 

I did a little experiment. I was about 17 and I realized that not one person was likening or commenting on my negative and pessimistic rants. The empty engagement made me feel even worse about whatever rant I want on. No one cared. Then I noticed something. Businesses and people who only promote positivity get the most engagement. I started posting only positive things. I shared accomplishments, positive personal experiences and yes, as our theme would assume, animals. The cute kittens don't go viral because of chance. People love cuteness and people love positive.  And it just so happens that I liked positive too. I started feeling good. Promoting positive made me feel positive. And from their I felt motivated to do more. That teenage experiment has taken me far. 

Thats why I started Green Vine. I wanted to promote positive. Whether it's a shared image or a t-shirt, Green vine is committed to spreading good vibes....only. 


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